Victory, 1998

Victory, 1998

Victory, 1998
Bottle, Napalm, Paper & Mixed
16″ x 3″ x 3″
Collection: Lamprey Archives

The heart and skull are cut from the Mexican Loteria deck. The bottle is wrapped in paper, steel mesh and twine. A diamond of mirror is held by the twine. The bottle is filled with homemade napalm in honor of Robert Duval’s line from Apocalypse Now (also in protest when the Lamprey’s first decided that all pieces would be property of the group).

This was a piece made for The Ever So Secret Order of the Lamprey, based on the word “Victory.”

The Ever So Secret Order of the Lamprey was a group of Chicago artists and non-artists who met weekly, bringing some creative expression based on a word chosen the previous week. The group was founded on the idea of making something creative but utterly non-commercial and unrelated to one’s career, a weekly act of creativity for its own sake. Read more about The Ever So Secret Order of the Lamprey in this Chicago Reader profile of the group.