I want to make blogging and media coverage for my art as simple as possible, so this page provides links to photos and text that should provide everything you need. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, feel free to contact me. I’ve also collected a short list of common errors to avoid when describing the firebowls (each of these errors have occurred in print at some time).

Print quality photos of my Sculptural Firebowls are available on both Flickr and Dropbox. These collections are free for online and print use with proper attribution (Rachael Que Vargas) and a link back to: www.rachaelquevargas.com. Videos of the firebowls are available on Vimeo.

Flatpack Fire Feature
Flickr | Dropbox
12 photos in set

Great Bowl O’ Fire
Flickr | Dropbox
31 photos in set

Big Bowl O’ Zen
Flickr | Dropbox
14 photos in set

Font O’ Fire
Flickr | Dropbox
11 photos in set

King Isosceles
Flickr | Dropbox
13 photos in text

Isosceles Modern
Flickr | Dropbox
5 photos in text

Waves O’ Fire
Flickr | Dropbox
17 photos in set

Fiery Fleur-de-Lis
Flickr | Dropbox
9 photos in set

The Firefly
Flickr | Dropbox
4 photos in set

The Meridian
Flickr | Dropbox
6 photos in set

Great Flaming Lotus
Flickr | Dropbox
6 photos in set

Big Bowl O Canada
Flickr | Dropbox
5 photos in set

Photo Permissions and How to Download

Publication rights require artist attribution (as Rachael Que Vargas) and inclusion of URL (www.rachaelquevargas.com). Please note that the middle name is important because there are way more Rachael Vargas than you would guess.

Print quality images can be downloaded from the sets below. To download from Dropbox, click the photo you want and then click the gear icon in the lower right corner to download the image. To download from Flickr, follow these instructions. Flickr also makes it simple to embed an image on blogs and to download a variety of sizes of the image.

If you have difficulty downloading from either of these sources, email me a link to the photo you’re looking for and I will email the image (It’s better to send a link to the photo rather than a page title or description of it because I’ve uploaded literally thousands of photos over the years).

Information About the Art and the Artist

The sources below should provide most of the information you might need, but feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. To see how customers have used Sculptural firebowls in projects visit these pages on my blog:

Background Info collects the basic facts and material that captures the behind-the-scenes story, or in which I was best able to illuminate the thinking behind my art and career. Some of these have good drama, some are chosen because they answer basic questions succinctly.

Interviews + Press collects the most quotable of the interviews I’ve done as well as a handful of stories that show my work from different angles.

Press Releases have been written with an eye towards engaging, literate copy and may be freely quoted at any length. I’ve tried to make them fun as well as informative.

Common Errors to Avoid

A number of articles have written of “stainless steel firebowls with a rust finish” or described the bowls as “hand-forged” etc. I don’t expect everyone to be familiar with metalworking specifics, but it is important to use the right terms to describe the firebowls so that potential customers are not disappointed if they thought they were ordering something else.

How Firebowls are made: Sculptural Firebowls ARE hand-cut (or fabricated) from 100% recycled industrial tanks. THEY ARE NOT: Cast, welded, forged, spun, stamped or machined.

What firebowls are made from: The material my firebowls are made from IS carbon steel (also known as mild steel). IT IS NOT: Iron, wrought iron, stainless steel, copper, tin, aluminum or any other metal. (The only exception is The Victorian Flatpack Architectural Fire Feature which IS made from stainless steel).

Who makes them: Rachael Que Vargas.

Where to get Firebowls: Rachael Que Vargas Sculptural Firebowls are available from: www.rachaelquevargas.com. It’s best to link to the front page of the site to avoid broken links if other pages are moved or retired.

Preferred Branding: Please reference the firebowl collection as a whole as “Rachael Que Vargas Sculptural Firebowls” for the first use. Each individual design of firebowl should be referenced by the name used in my online store, e.g., The Great Bowl O’ Fire, or The Big Bowl O’ Zen.