Scuptural Firebowl Print Catalog

John T. Unger Sculptural Firebowl Catalog


I’m very proud of our new 2015 Sculptural Firebowl Catalog designed by Reese Spykerman at Design by Reese. More than just a simple catalog, Reese put together a beautiful 38 page art book. We chose a 12″ x 12″ format that allows the photos to really show the firebowls in their best light.


The catalog is hosted on Magcloud to give you multiple options for print or digital delivery. You may choose any of the following:



Magcloud’s print pricing is exceptional, as the same size catalog on other print-on-demand services came to almost $70. The only drawback is that we were restricted to a wire binding rather than the stitched binding I would have preferred.

One of the ways I try to minimize my ecological footprint is by printing as little as possible. I make all my information available online and prefer to use digital media whenever possible. There are advantages to this approach:


  • It’s easier to update, edit and make changes.
  • There’s no waste when information changes and suddenly a box of brochures becomes a doorstop.
  • Costs are lower, both environmentally and financially.
  • Information can be searched, shared, and quoted easily.


This catalog contains all the Sculptural Firebowl Designs I currently offer, some of which are only available directly from the artist. Galleries and dealers should use the Showroom Catalog instead, which shows only the designs available to retailers. To apply for an account and get the Trade Catalog fill out our application here.