The Dancers— Steel + Copper Line Drawing Sculptures


The Dancer Sculptures come in two styles: the steel and copper version shown here and a powder coat enamel version.

In creating these sculptures, I try to capture the essential gesture so precisely that the mind completes the movement—making a still image appear to be in motion. My goal is to create engaging characters which anyone can relate to and enjoy.

These graceful figures suggest both the motion of their dance and the music that moves them. The obvious joy of the figures is engaging— but their simplicity is what really captivates us. We can easily see ourselves, someone we know, or the person we might like to be in this dance.

The simplicity of these figures allows them to fit nearly any story or culture. Equally flexible, the materials are suitable for creating functional work such as fences, railings and furniture or more decorative projects such as relief murals.

Check out the wonderful garden fence I made for Howard Hast & JoAnne Olsen— telling the story of their life together through a series of figures. If you are interested in commissioning a unique piece to express your own story or ideas, please contact me.


Img 3377B Img 3375 Img 3317 Img 1801
Oh Beautiful Life!
69.5″ x 30″ x 8″
Custom Order
Dancing the Crane
61″ x 33″ x 8″
Custom Order
The Flirt
52.5″ x 18.5″ x 8″
Custom Order
Whoa Nelly!
50.5″ x 29″ x 8″
Custom Order
Mom 01 Mom 02 Mom 03 Mom 04
The Flying Game
Steel, copper.
40″ x 22″ x 21″
Private Collection