The Compass Sculptural Firebowl, Designed for Base Camp X


The Compass Sculptural Firebowl™ is the third custom design I’ve made for Graeme Cameron of Base Camp X. (You can see the first design here and the second here.) Both of us were so pleased with the design that we agreed to share it, offering the bowl in both our stores. The idea appealed to me strongly because you can orient the bowl to the cardinal points and it will always tell you which way you’re facing.

You’ve found your place in the world and put down roots. Your home is your calm center in the world, a space of rest and respite, joy and contentment, contemplation and creativity.

Every home needs a hearth, a focal point for gathering, a spot of warmth and light to guide you back to center. The Compass Sculptural Firebowl is the perfect expression of that centered space— when oriented to the four cardinal points, it brings into focus your home’s place in the world. It marks where you are, and just as easily inspires dreams of travel to far-flung places beyond the horizon. Gather round the fire to tell stories of where you have been and where you long to go. Use the glowing letters of the compass to find constellations in the sky. Build a stronger awareness of place and a sense of your connection to the broader world.

Seek adventures, then come home to the hearth and family to tell the tales around the fire.