Stunning stone patio with Great Bowl O’ Fire on Galveston Bay

Firebowl with spiral pattern in firecrystals glass
Two colors of FireCrystals Fire Glass are used to make a spiral design

I don’t usually get to visit my firebowls in their home, but I was so blown away by this Seabrook, TX installation of the Great Bowl O’ Fire™ that I had to make a side trip through Texas to see it for myself. The firebowl is centered in a two-tone stone patio with integrated bench seating. The walls are built from native limestone and the floor and benches are bluestone. You can see in the top photo that two colors of glass were used to echo the blue and white stonework.

Galveston Bay firebowl enclosed stone patio with built in seating
Clean rectangles of limestone with broken slabs of bluestone add to the patio’s dynamic contrast

Rough-hewn limestone block contrasts nicely with the broken-stone masonry of the bluestone patio floor and seating. Both stones have a natural feel to them, while the overall effect is clean and geometric. There are four entrances to the patio area at the cardinal points.

Great Bowl O' Fire Firebowl with two tone stone patio

Stone benches and gas firebowl on waterfront
Galveston Bay provides a backdrop to the firebowl and patio

Masonry benches enclosing patio with firebowl

Artist John T. Unger seated by Great Bowl O' Fire on Galveston Bay
John T. Unger seated on the stone bench

Limestone and Bluestone Patio with firebowl on Galveston Bay
View of the patio facing west

Circular patio enclosed by stone walls with seating
The patio extends beyond the walls that make up seating

Stone patio and shoreline home
View towards the house


The clean edges of the masonry emphasize the curves of the installation