Organ: Scrapyard Abstract No. 3


Organ: Scrapyard Abstract No. 3, 2005.
Recycled steel.

76″ x 37″ x 31″

Here’s the third piece from last week. I had sort of intended to use each of these elements separately… The lower piece was going to be mounted similar to the way I did the first two sculptures and then I though I would bring in some “floating” elements above it… rings, squares, etc, kind of use it as the baseline for a musical play of floating objects. But, hey, it surprised me. The top element of this piece really needed some juxtaposition and wanted to be up high, around eye level. I like the play of the two pieces together, and I like the totemic feel of the overall work. I think this was the piece where I really started getting excited about some new possibilities and ideas.

I’ll still probably revisit the earlier idea I had for the lower piece when I go back to the scrap yard. If I’d known how well this was all gonna turn out, I think I’d have spent a lot more time and money there that day…

There are quite a few detail shots for this one in order to give a full walkaround view of the sculpture. It works very nicely and very differently from various angles of view.