Scrap Iron Fence Part Two, Chicago, IL 2003

Scrap Fence, 2208 S. Halsted, 2002
steel, cast iron
83 H x 284 W x 6 in D

Part two of a collaboration with Kenneth Morrison. He originated the concept and sketched a rough layout for the overall project. I designed and fabricated individual panels. The owner of the fence also contributed to the design of the panels.

The most interesting part of this half of the fence design (installed on Cermak, around the corner from part one) is that several of the elements are kinetic and can be moved or repositioned. Giving a kinetic twist to fences makes them much more interesting— the design can be reconfigured and effectively, you are creating more than one design in the same space. On future scrap steel fences I’ve used moving parts more liberally. To see an example with video, look at these two security grates for a Texas apartment building.