Recycled Yard Gongs Make A Beautiful Ringing Bell Tone

garden gong made from recycle oxygen tank

Garden Meditation Gong. 2006.
Recycled steel.
85″ H x 35″ W x 12″ D
Private Collection

The freestanding garden gong above would make a nice centerpiece for any garden… it requires a concrete pad below grade to stabilize it (or you could do something like a cool stonework base to hold it in place).

The bell shown below was cut from a recycled Oxygen tank. The decorative piece on top was scrap from making the Great Bowl O Fire™. The  hanger is made from a farm implement that plows the earth.

I’m no longer making bells or gongs in this particular style. See more recent work for the more intricate versions I’m making going forward.

gong made from oxygen tank

bell made from O2 tank