Mosaic Commission for LimeLight Lodge, Aspen Colorado


Mosaic Fish For Limelight Lodge Swimming Pool, 2008
Sicis glass, glass eyes, glass tile
Dimensions variable

I just finished up a commission of seven mosaic trout for the swimming pool at the Limelight Lodge in Aspen, Colorado. The first images in the slideshow above show the mosaics before they are installed in the pool. The remaining images are post-installation. The mosaics were taped and sent to the lodge for installation.

Most of the glass is Sicis Iridium, the same iridescent glass I used for the Alden Bank sign a few years back. I love using it for fish mosaics because it makes them shimmer as the light shifts just like a real fish. What excites me about this project is that the mosaics will be installed on the bottom of a swimming pool… so I think the light will do really interesting things as it goes through the water.