A Magen David Mosaic for Congregation Kadima

Magen David Mosaic for Congregation Kadima

Magen David mosaic for The New Reform Congregation Kadima, 2018
Sicis and vitreous glass tile, copper, GatorFoam and plywood substrate.
12″ H x 12″ W x 1.5″ D 

This small mosaic will be used to create a sacred space when the Congregation Kadima is meets in spaces other than their own temple. The client instruction were as follows:

I am hoping to gift to my congregation a Magen David (Jewish star) which could be hung from a podium. We have two podiums and may option for a second Magen David later. One podium is the standard type which goes down to the floor and one other which is three feet tall and very wide for reading from a Torah scroll and sits on table. We discussed this last year conversationally.

The problem we have is the need to create sense of “set aside” or “sacred space” but our podiums are standard and look they are from a hotel conference room. We rent space for our High Holidays and we have life cycle events at congregant chosen destinations, compounding our challenge. So, I’d like to recreate the Jewish Star from our logo into something we can hang onto either of these podiums, ideally it would have something that could catch a nail like a picture frame would. The materials are yours to choose, I don’t expect exact replicas of our logo but the colors and shape need to be easily identifiable as our logo.

Star of David Mosaic for Congregation Kadima