Junk Monkey— Masquerade Bell Lantern Series


Dimensions: 9″ Diameter cylinder, 21″ High x 12″ Wide x 19″ Deep. Weight 33 pounds.
Thickness: Masquerade Bell Lanterns are cut from quarter inch steel recycled oxygen tanks.
Material: American made High-Strength, Low-Alloy, Cold-Rolled Steel, recycled steel, cast iron.
Availability: NFS, Collection of the artist

This lantern has such expressive character! The ears and nose are made from the handles used to lift heavy propane tanks by crane or chain hoist. The eyes, of course, are gears with a bit of the original red paint left on. The outer part of the mouth is a cast iron grate that probably went to a wood stove or grill originally. This one took some time to get right— I began with the ears and nose but originally had a very different plan for the rest of the face. It sat for months unfinished until the grate and gears gave me the right idea.