Islero: Scrapyard Abstract No. 7


Islero: Scrapyard Abstract No. 7, 2006
Recycled Steel
22 x 24 x 9 in
Collection of the artist

When I made this piece, I saw it as an animal running at full tilt, turning sharply mid-run on two legs. I love the way the tail whips around through the air and the head stretches outward, still thrust in the original direction.

Others have looked and seen the head of a bull, so I named it Islero, after the bull that ended the life  of Manolete, the world’s most famous bullfighter. I’d thought that since bullfighting is such an obsessive sport, there might be names for such sudden turns as this creature is engaged in, but the choreographic lexicon of bullfighting seems to concern itself only with the moves of the matador and not the bull. On the other hand, the historical Islero must have made just such a sudden sharp and unexpected turn, so the name seems appropriate and references both images well.