I Love Emails Like This One

Hello John.

Your product is one of the reasons I love art. Just when you don’t expect it it hits you. Here i am looking for a fire pit when I stumble along your creations. My search has ended. I live in SW Fla and would love one.

A favorite design is impossible to pick, as your artistic eye surpasses mine. The 41 inch size does suit me.  Any plans on making one any time soon? Possibly for a fella who lives a beach lifestyle in SwFla? Just trying to turn up the heat in the tropics you know!

Ben ended up ordering a 37 inch Great Bowl O Fire Sculptural Firebowl™ with a little customization (I welded the base on and provided brackets to bolt it down to protect against theft). I can’t wait to see some photos from him of how it looks on the sunny beach!  

UPDATE: Here’s a picture!


Florida beach Firebowl with concrete benches