Houses and Weather: Scrapyard Abstract No. 8

Houses and Weather

Houses and Weather: Scrapyard Abstract No. 8, 2006
recycled steel
14 x 10 x 3 in

Although the steel in this sculpture was crushed, compacted and sheared intentionally, by a machine at the junk yard, it reminds me of what you see when heavy weather tears through a trailer park. The jagged piece in the center resembles lightning or a twister, hence the name Houses and Weather.

I lost a building to the snow a couple years ago— I was on the roof shoveling madly when it just dropped out from under me, so I know a bit about what weather can do. If I could, I’d get a restraining order to keep the weather off my couple acres here. Much as the beautiful colors of fall have always made it my favorite season, there’s a part of me that starts to panic now every year when the weather starts to chill… I do take it personally, and I look at the sky as an implacable threat. Sigh. I’ll get over it, eventually. But in the meantime, that’s what I see in this sculpture.