Great Bowl O’ Fire Sculptural Firebowl and San Francisco Bay Skyline

Firebowl with patio, planters seating and garden path

Patrick in Hayward, CA bought his Great Bowl O’ Fire Sculptural Firebowl™ four years ago and just sent me the following testimonial and photos:

I chose the bowl of fire because it’s a perfect piece of art. You have made something beautiful out of recycled material. As much as I like eco friendly art, it all too often falls short of being something spectacular, which is what you have achieved.

Our family enjoys our yearly 4th of July celebration here at our home because we have a beautiful 180 degree view of the San Francisco Bay.  The fire bowl adds a warm place to sit when the winds are a bit chilly.

You have helped me create a place that I truly love.

Thanks ever so much.

Patrick, Tuyen and Samuel.

That’s exactly the kind of satisfaction you hope to hear, especially from people who have had their firebowl long enough to really make use of it.

Great Bowl O Fire Firebowl with night skyline

I love the two raised bed planters that frame the firebowl and can double as additional seating.

Great Bowl O Fire Firebowl with night skyline

Here’s a dramatic shot of the natural gas flame contrasted with the nightime skyline.

Great Bowl O Fire Firebowl with night skyline

The skyline when the firebowl is unlit.

Great Bowl O Fire Firebowl round stone and gravel patio

Another shot of the raised flowerbed that frames the gravel patio and firebowl.

Inset limestone blocks around firebowl

Recessed stonework surrounds the firebowl, providing seating close to the bowl. The combination of masory and gravel is a nice contrast. The firebowl casts flame shaped shadows that accent it’s design even when unlit.


Closeup of the lit natural gas flame at night.