Great Bowl O’ Fire at Fishingham Garden

Firebowl Photo by Janet Loughrey

Photo by Janet Loughrey for Small Gardens Magazine

When Jeff Fisher ordered a Great Bowl O’ Fire Sculptural Firebowl for his 60th birthday, I was happy to help him celebrate a milestone. I always like it when a firebowl has special meaning attached to it. Little did I know what a lovely space it would come to enliven!

Fishingham Garden isn’t open to the public, but this lovingly tended space can be seen and enjoyed on Jeff’s Instagram as he posts throughout the seasons. Located in the Pacific Northwest, the garden offers up beautiful shots year round such as  the below image of a Chinese Lantern in January.


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Winter afternoon sun on a decaying Physalis alkekengi [Chinese Lantern] bloom in the Fishingham Garden

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Fishingham Garden was the subject of a four page spread in the 2018 edition of Small Gardens Magazine with photos and text by Janet Loughrey.A photo of the garden also graced the table of contents in the  magazine.

Janet’s images are some of my favorite shots ever taken of the Great Bowl O’ Fire… the small scale of Jeff’s garden is in many ways more appealing than a lavish estate or palatial expanse.  There’s a human scaled intimacy well suited to relaxation, reflection and attention to nature.

Jeff and his husband Ed have created a private oasis where they can share dinner or cocktails with friends, and during the summer they spend nearly all their days enjoying outdoor living in the garden. The bright Spanish Olive paint they chose for the house harmonizes beautifully with the lush plantings, while bold colors like the orange and lime Adirondack chairs create a dialogue with the blooms of flowers. The garden and the home thus become a single unified space. Areas for dining, grilling and growing vegetables tie the whole concept into a home to celebrate the outdoors.

An attention to small details and decorative flourishes insures that whichever way you cast your eyes, there’s a an exciting element to reward your gaze.

Janet graciously shared a number of photos from the Small Gardens Magazine shoot which show the garden in more detail.


firebowl and grilling area

Great Bowl O’ Fire Sculptural Firebowl and patio with grilling area


Blue FireCrystals glass in the Great Bowl O' Fire

Blue FireCrystals glass in the Great Bowl O’ Fire


Great Bowl O' Fire Sculptural Firebowl and deck furniture

Horse trough planter and gargoyle in the background


wine glows in the firelight


Another nice view of the patio

Another nice view of the patio


A wave yard ornament is just visible in the background between the two chairs

A wave yard ornament is just visible in the background between the two chairs

Because the firebowl was a birthday present, I included a gift of a couple garden edging ornaments made from the off-cuts of the Waves O’ Fire Sculptural Firebowl. You can just see one in the photo above if you look closely between the two chairs.