Folk Art Mermaid Sculpture

A Mermaid and her Fish, 2006 steel collage sculpture

A Mermaid and her Fish, 2006
Recycled steel,
54″ H x 37″ W x .25″ D
Collection: Jerry’s Sandwiches, Chicago, IL

Here’s a bold, graphic sculpture made from recycled car steel… The corrugated steel in the background is not part of the piece, it’s the wall of my office (familiar as the backdrop of many of my photos). This Mermaid is 54″ tall by 37″ wide. She’s similar in style to Atlas: World Famous, but rather than being a free standing piece, the mermaid is wall hanging.

A Mermaid  and her Fish Was purchased by Mark Bires to adorn the walls of Jerry’s Sandwiches, 1045 W. Madison Street, Chicago IL. I hear they have amazing food, and I’ll definitely be sampling their menu on my next trip to Chicago.