Fire Pit Story: Raven gives the gift of fire to mankind


People love to tell stories around a fire… so it made sense to me to create some narrative fire pits that tell stories themselves. And what better story to begin with than the story of how mankind was given fire?

Of course there are many, many versions of this story. For this project, I chose a Lenape People legend in which Raven brings the gift of fire.

In the first section, you see people huddled together for warmth, cold and unhappy under a freezing sky. If you look closely, Raven is observing this from the top of a tree just below the moon. He decides to take action.

Raven flies up to the sun and grabs fire in his beak, then flies down to give the people the gift of fire. It was the smoke and hot coal that he carried which turned his feathers black. Upon receiving Ravens gift, the people build a roaring blaze and dance around in celebration. Civilization ensues.

Dimensions: 30″ diameter x 23″ high overall. Bowl is 23″ deep.

This is a one time custom firepit design that will never be exactly repeated and has been sold.