Featured in Etsy’s Storque Newsletter

I knew something was up when I had 6 convos from Etsy Users in 5 minutes! That doesn’t happen every day.

Since I had recently done an interview with Artish about men on Etsy, I kinda figured the sudden increase in conversations was due to the article going live. I clicked on over and there it was, right on the front page of Etsy itself and in the Storque. I’m really happy with the way Artish worked the interview questions into an article. I also feel pretty awesome about having been asked to participate. Thanks Tish!

The article is here: A Dude’s Perspective: Men Who Craft, The Storque 30 May 2008. There’s a few photos of me and my work, and a couple nice quotes as well.

Here’s some screenshots of Etsy and the Storque.

etsy storque

etsy front page