Face of Spades Masks from Recycled Shovel Blades

Inspired by traditional mask designs from all over the world, each Face of Spades carving is made from 100% recycled materials— breathing new life into the atoms of the abandoned.

Shovels retired after a life of hard labor are reborn as playful, intriguing masks— faces peering back as if astonished by their own renewed existence. From whimsical, cartoonish expressions exaggerated for impact, to hauntingly beautiful adaptations of traditional tribal designs, the collection features 24 designs resplendent in their individuality. Stoic or serene, silly or insouciant, their glances enhance the indoors and outdoors alike. A single mask makes an excellent accent piece, but the most exciting display is to group a series of the shovel-mugged characters to create your own custom totem pole.

The tradition of masks has haunted and enchanted the dreams of man for millennia. Rain forests hide glaring eyes and snarled lips amongst twisted vines and water-wet branches as shamans craft faces to protect and faces to defend. Masks of the Far East embellished with their red and black lacquered paints give character to the actors of old and knit the fabric of stories for generations. What do they foretell of your destiny? Will they ward off evil or draw in spirits that bless? Display the Face of Spades series as a single mask, or combine them for a powerful grouped display to embellish fences, deck railings, or even to construct a forest of tree faces. Since the intricate designs are crafted freehand, without the use of guides and stencils, Face of Spades masks each contain their own unique spiritual fingerprint.

Whether a playful grin is more your style or a powerful sneer conveys your message, the Face of Spades series has character abounding. The expressions are drawn from within as if they had lain dormant within the metal for eons. Once exposed to nature’s influence they’ll turn a rich rust color, a perfect compliment to the flora and fauna that graces their newfound environs.

Since each mask is hand-cut, carving freehand without the use of templates, your mask may vary slightly from the photo shown. To preserve the mask outdoors, it’s not a bad idea to spray it with WD-40 once a year or so.