Eternal Flame Sculpture in a Yoga Labyrinth

Eternal Flame Sculpture in labyrinth at Yoga Studio

I’m always excited to see where my art winds up, but I especially like when it finds a place where it brings meaning to it’s new home. Rhett ordered an Eternal Flame Sculpture as a present for his girlfriend’s birthday which became the centerpiece of a labyrinth attached to their new Yoga Studio.

Eternal Flame Sculpture in labyrinth at Yoga Studio

Rhett was also kind enough to write me an email explaining how the sculpture had meaning for both of them in their Yoga practice. Here’s his email in full:

Here are two photos of your sculpture in the labyrinth. In GA we rarely get snow, so these are extra special! It is hard to see the sculpture in the middle in the wide shot, but in the close-up you can’t see the scope of the labyrinth, hence both shots… Hope you enjoy them!

I would be honored for you to put the photos on your site! They don’t compare to the others, with your beautiful fire bowls placed in settings made just for them overlooking gorgeous scenery… But maybe I can be an inspiration for the “ordinary man” (or woman, as the case may be).

The sculpture sits in the center of our labyrinth. A labyrinth is a path for walking meditation where you are encouraged to walk deliberately in order to slow down from your hectic life, consider what is truly important to you, and what you’d like to focus on creating in your life. Sometimes people walk while pondering a problem and often a solution will appear.

The flame sculpture is perfect because it can resonate on so many different levels. Appreciation of fire is universal among all cultures and means different things to each person. For me, it represents tapas. Tapas, in Sanskrit (the language of yoga) translates as fire, heat, commitment, determination. Through my determination and commitment to my daily yoga practice I can burn away all of the habits that keep me from being the best person I can be. For my partner, the flame represents the Light that resides in all of us, the universal goodness that pervades all of nature. Each person can define what the flame means and hopefully it will help them focus during their walking meditation.

And it’s beautiful to boot!

I have really appreciated our email chats and it makes me feel even more connected to the sculpture through getting to know you just a little bit. There is a real person who created it!! 🙂