Dogon Walu Mask — Masquerade Bell Lantern Series


Dimensions: 9″ Diameter cylinder, 26.5″ High x 25.75 Wide x 17.5″ Deep. Weight: 55 pounds.
Thickness: Masquerade Bell Lanterns are cut from quarter inch steel recycled oxygen tanks.
Material: American made High-Strength, Low-Alloy, Cold-Rolled Steel.
Availability: Made to order and ships in 7-10 business day

This lantern is loosely based on Walu and Kanaga masks carved in wood by the Dogn people of Mali. Dogon artwork is some of my favorite work to draw inspiration from because of the overlap between geometric form and mythic meaning. The wall mount is welded to the gong so that it can be installed with four included lag screws.