Dancing Devils Firepit casts lively dancing shadows when you build a fire


This is a one time custom fire pit design that will never be exactly repeated and has been sold. An updated version of this design is now available as a stock design in my store. View the new Dancing Devils Sculptural Firebowl™ here.

The dancing devils were adapted from a series of medieval block prints… although they also remind me of Indonesian shadow puppets. Especially because of the way that they cast lively dancing shadows when you build a fire in the firepit. As the flames leap, so do the shadows, creating a shadow play of figures that actually move and dance as the flames flicker.

This design was cut freehand with no stencils or jigs. It was an early experiment (2007) in bringing narrative elements to the firebowls. The straight sides of this vertical style tank allowed me to cut larger, more detailed figures than will work on bowl shaped firebowls. I no longer work with the straight sided tanks however and have adapted the design to work with a bowl by simplifying the figures so they can be made a bit smaller.

The new Dancing Devils Sculptural Firebowl is a relief sculpture— each of the devils is cut from a separate piece of steel and then welded to the exterior of the bowl to create greater depth.

Dimensions: 30″ diameter x 23″ high overall. Bowl is 23″ deep.