Classical Erotic Mosaic In Marble

Classical Erotic Mosaic In Marble

homoerotic art mosaic

Erastes + Eromenos Marble Mosaic, 2005
Marble mosaic on Durock substrate. Steel frame.

62″ x 38″ x 2″ D

The original vase painting this mosaic is based on has been dated approximately 500 BC. It depicts an older lover (erastes) and his beloved youth (eromenos) making love surrounded by egg-like pillows. I’ve always been fascinated with the clean lines and sensual allure of Ancient Greek vase paintings, and when I realized how precisely the colors of marble match the glaze of Attic red-figure vases, well, I just couldn’t resist…

By contrasting explicit imagery with classical technique and reference, my goal with this mosaic was to see if I could move a work beyond shock value or controversy and make it broadly accessible. My feeling is that every time someone is able to see beauty in work that goes beyond their personal comfort level, the world becomes that much more tolerant. I’m not a big fan of alienation and shock value— it’s just too easy to figure out what people’s buttons are and push them, you know? But I’m a huge fan of work that finds a way to gently push an audience to broaden their horizons or consider ideas they would normally find uncomfortable.