Brown Trout Mosaic

mosaic trout in sicis glass

The coolest thing about using Sicis tile on the trout mosaics is that the irridescent surface of the tile so closely resembles the actual scales of a live fish. Click on the image to the left to see both the normal and irridized colors of the tile.

The first photo below shows the colors of the tile, while the second pic shows the irridescent sheen. Which one you see depends on how the light hits the tile or which angle you view the mosaic from. The third pic shows the copper banding that finishes the mosaic.

Mya_browntrout_01    Mya_browntrout_02    Mya_browntrout_03

This was my daughter Mya’s first real solo project in mosaic. She did an absolutely amazing job on the gradients and shading over the body of the trout. This piece will be for sale this weekend at the Alden Art fair. Combined with what I paid her for her work on projects over the summer, this piece should bring her enough money to purchase her own powerbook so she can start her writing and comics career off properly.