Brook Trout Glass Mosaic No. 2, 2006

Brook Trout Glass Mosaic No. 2

Brook Trout Mosaic No. 2, 2006
Sicis Iridium glass tile, glass taxidermy eye, copper, Hardibacker substrate.
11″ H x 19″ W x 1.5″ D 

Most of the tile used on this mosaic is from the Iridium line of glass from Sicis. As the light or viewing angle changes, the iridescent surface of the tile closely resembles the  scales of a live fish. The   photo above shows the iridescent sheen. The second pic shows the copper banding that finishes and protects the mosaic.

The mosaic is set with mortar on a Hardibacker substrate over plywood and finished around the edges with copper banding. Indoors or out, this mosaic will last lifetimes.

Brook Trout Glass Mosaic No. 2