Bottle Cap Fish Mosaic No. 51, 2010

Bottle Cap Fish Mosaic No. 51, 2010

Bottle Cap Mosaic Fish No. 51, 2010
plywood, primer, bottle caps, recycled car body, copper nails
20″ x 50″ x 1.5″

This bottle cap fish mosaic was a recent commission based on Bottle Cap Mosaic Fish No. 47. I love the fins, which were cut from an old Chevy van of some kind… the grooves in the car body metal were perfect for fins.

The other difference between this and No. 47 are the silver caps. On No. 47, I used the old style of Bud Light caps which have been discontinued. Here, I used Becks for both the face and the silver belly. I wasn’t sure I liked the silver Becks caps until I started the Heineken rows. The red shields on the Becks caps tie in well with the Heineken red stars, and the Becks shields in the face area. The most interesting thing about working with small patterned units like the bottle caps is the way that, from a distance, the colors on each brand of cap become like the Benday dots in printing to create one solid color tone from multiple small bits of color.