Big Bowl O’ Zen Sculptural Firebowl at Burt and Max’s in Delray Beach, FL

A Big Bowl O’ Zen 37 inch Sculptural Firebowl welcomes customers at Burt and Max’s in Delray Beach, FL. The fire pit lounge features cocktail tables made from reclaimed logs, a curved bench of cozy seating set against a masonry wall and gas lights on posts. Comfort, a family atmosphere and consistently great food are the mission at Burt and Max’s, but design is obviously a priority too— The longest paragraph on their about page describes the restaurant’s decor:

Burt & Max’s interiors, conceptualized by South Florida designer Pam Manhas, of Manhas Design, incorporate many natural finishes, reclaimed and aged barn woods, industrial lighting, a tile-faced pizza oven and a 32-foot bar made of a single slab of cypress wood. Whimsical touches include an entry area paved with thousands of pennies to a wall featuring photographs of rock ‘n’ roll legends, from Joplin to Jagger. The layout includes indoor/outdoor seating areas, two spacious bars, a fire pit lounge, lush landscaping, and dining areas suitable for groups small or large.

Even in tropical climates, a fire pit makes outdoor seating more pleasurable on a cool night.


Outdoor seating wraps around the facade of the restaurant with large windows that connect the outdoor and indoor space.



Here’s another view looking down the outdoor patio seating from the firebowl lounge area.