Acrobat Fence for Discovery Playhouse, 2011


Acrobat Fence for Discovery Playhouse, 2011
Steel, Glass mosaic, Paint
37″ X 84″ x 3″

Discovery Playhouse commissioned this fence for their Children’s Museum in Cape Girardeau, MO. The faces in the fence are glass mosaic, which were complete as a project with a local arts group. The fence is 7 feet long and serves as a traffic barrier to protect children from cars. This was a great project, because we were able to make it happen essentially at cost by enlisting the community in Cape Girardaeu to help finish the artwork as part of a downtown revitalization plan. The colors of the mosaic were chosen to match as closely as possible the playful colors of the museum’s logo.

Located on the main street of downtown Cape Girardeau, with lots of passing cars, the museum’s director needed an attractive piece of public art to help “hold up” children before they dart towards the street, from the front doors.

A cool surprise that I didn’t know about until I saw photos of the finished piece was that it was installed on an antique mosaic on the sidewalk that spelled out the name of the building’s original business.