A Nice Catch: Not your everyday fishing photo!

bottle cap mosaic fish crown cap bottlecap

Drew Klonsky is pretty dang cool. For one thing, his sign-off on emails is /drew ( I wish I’d thought of that!) For another thing, he takes great photos like the one above. Drew was among the early buyers of the Great Bowl O’ Fire and later he commissioned a recreation of my Corona Coho Corona Coho Salmon Bottle Cap Mosaic. A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Drew:

Wondering if you can create this guy again in the next month.  If you recall you made me a Corona Coho and also a totally cool fire pit that rocks. This is for my father in law who had another great fish we bought for his birthday stolen from his house.

Bottle Cap Mosaic Fish No. 4, 2005

I let him know that the fish would be a little different than the original, in part because some of the brands used for the original fish are uncommon, and in part because I’ve stopped using the corrugated tin can metal on the fins. There only seems to be one brand of coffee that comes in a fully-corrugated can, and I haven’t come by any of them lately. Drew signed off on the changes, I made the fish, and the birthday gift was quite the hit.

Anyway, I love the photo! And I was really happy to get to use the Jolt Cola cap I’ve been saving since my trip to Austin for the eye. The big “X” on the cap just cracks me up and I wish I could find some place around here that sells the big cans of jolt that it comes on. If there’s any highly caffeinated people out there who’d like to save me some jolt caps and mail them to me, I’d be glad to pay the postage for them!