TypePad Hacks is Live!

TypePad Hacks


I’ve been hinting that I was up to something, and now I’m ready to spill the beans.

I’ve just launched a new blog called TypePad Hacks and I’d love it if you go check it out. TypePad Hacks will focus on the following issues:

  1. User Design: Collect useful hacks for extending the capabilities of TypePad blogs.
  2. User Forum: Provide a forum for issues, news and user concerns about SixApart products and service.
  3. User Power: Organize users into a unified voice to
    lobby SixApart for the features, fixes and changes to TypePad most
    important to us. Call it consumer advocacy.

It’s still early days at TypePad Hacks… I’ll be posting frequently over the next couple weeks to get caught up. There are a half dozen cool hacks in the queue now. I’ll also be posting in more detail about each of the suggested changes to the platform. If you have a blog that’s hosted with TypePad or if you’re just curious to see whether a whole mess of bloggers can influence change, I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed and following along. I’d also welcome any comments you have about things you’d like to see either from me or from TypePad.

Note: My sole connection with TypePad or SixApart is that I use their tools every day as an important part of my business as an artist and designer. I don’t work for SixApart or receive compensation from them; this is an unofficial, unaffiliated blog. You should probably know that.