Now You’re Cookin’ With Gas…



Had a call this morning from a guy in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina who’s building a water park. He wants to fit out one of my Great Bowls O’ Fire with a gas burner and install it in the park along with some tiki styled fountains. Groovy. But it gets better than that… he solved a major design issue for me with a really simple idea. I love when that happens, and it’s a big part of why I get a kick out of working with clients to customize my work to fit what they want to do.

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about whether I can make a gas-fired version of the Great Bowl. Until today, my standard answer was too complicated, I think. Frankly, I’m not 100% comfortable with doing gas fittings because of the potential liability issues. I call a pro when I want a gas line run, so when people inquired about gas fired Great Bowls, I suggested they contact a local heating and
cooling contractor to fit the bowl for gas. What Ted suggested was brilliantly simple, though. He asked me to weld a 6″ piece of threaded gas pipe into the base of the bowl so his gas guy could just attach it to the burner inside and the pipe on the outside. That’s something I can do easily, and it makes the work on the other end easy too. Genius!

So, if you were thinking you wanted a gorgeous fire bowl made from 100% recycled material but you just weren’t down with the emissions from burning wood, now you can request one tricked out for cleaner burning propane or natural gas. It’s still not environmentally perfect, but hey, it’s an improvement. Not only that, installing them indoors just became a lot more practical.

More pictures and pricing info for the Great Bowl O’ Fire.