New FireBowl Needs A Name

I’ve developed two smaller versions of the great Bowl O Fire. Both of them work best with charcoal fires rather than full-on bonfires, but since there have been some requests for smaller versions I figured it was time to expand the line.

I’m just not quite sure what to call them? Any suggestions? If the Great Bowl O Fire is the biggest one, I certainly can’t go with names like “the so-so bowl o fire” or the great mini bowl of fire… I’ve been thinking about it all week and drawing a total blank. Please help! make your suggestions in the comments, and I’ll send something nice to whoever picks a winner.

Here’s a bunch of pictures of the medium size fire bowl. It stands about three feet high and has a diameter of 14.5 inches. It comes apart for shipping or storage and is completely safe for use on wood decks. Still figuring out the price, but if you’re interested in one, shoot me an email.


Firebowlmini1    Firebowlmini2    Firebowlmini3

Firebowlmini4    Firebowlmini5    Firebowlmini6


The last two pics are me playing with lighter fluid… The first image in the bottom row is pretty much how the fire normally looks if you’re using charcoal bricquets. I just liked the drama of the bigger fire images… I mean, really, who would be surprised to find that the maker of these is a bit of a pyro?