Guernica Billboard Tours Massachusetts

Roberto Chao guernica mural

There’s not a great deal of info at his website on Roberto Chao’s touring version of Guernica. I do think it’s a nice example of one way that the painting can be publicly displayed without having to rent or co-opt a billboard. Done in four easily transported rigid panels, this project was intended to tour throughout different locations in Massachusetts. Acrylic on canvas, 18′ by 8′ in four 4.5′ x 8′ panels.

For those who would like to cover a wider area, or work on a smaller budget, this seems like a great solution. Another simple and (relatively) inexpensive option would be to paint a traveling Guernica on hinged sheets of plywood, which could easily fold for transportation and would be easy to set up quickly.

Note that Chao’s version does not include explanatory (or inflammatory) text, allowing the work to stand on its own and inviting the audience to make their own interpretation.