Fire Imps: Affordable Limited Edition modern sculpture

I’m in love. I’ve been working a new series of sculptures that are the most playful, energetic and touchable work I’ve done in years. I’m so into the Fire Imps that I’ve decided to do 600 of them, divided into six series of 100 each in different colors.
Part of what makes the Fire Imps fun is the freeze frame of pattern, rhythm, lyricality and syncopation that gives them a musical feel… combined in groups, they resemble a musical score as much as a group of dancers. The shadows they cast are also a part of the piece, doubling or distorting the form, mirroring the sculpture on the wall.


Each Fire Imp is a one of a kind sculpture that will never be repeated. Although their bright colors and cheerful look could fool you, they are made from 100% recycled steel. The bases come from a local factory that cuts LOTS of holes into thick steel and scraps the circles left over. The body of the sculptures are scraps left over from cutting my Great Bowl O’ Fire firebowls. They’re the spaces between the flames.


<h3>Born of Sparks + Steel: See how I make the Fire Imps</h3>