Cats Dig It: Mo Inspects Hot Rod Firepit And Gives Her Blessing

mojo cat checks out the first firebowl

I mentioned Mojo, my shop manager/feline last night… Here’s a pic of her enjoying a bonfire over Memorial Day Weekend. When it comes to the Hot Rod Styled BBQ Pit, all I can say is: Cats dig it! She seems to like the fact that by raising the bowl off the ground, she can bask in the heat without getting singed.

The table she’s sitting on is made from the original base I used for the fire pit: It was too high for proper comfort and not quite stable enough, so I switched over to the pipe base which is much better. I’ve given it a few solid kicks with my boots on, and all it does is shimmy a wee bit and make a cool bell tone. So, no worries about the Bowl O’ Fire tipping over.

The table kind of worked out though… I used a piece of salvaged granite for the top which was left over from cutting a hole in a counter top for a sink. There’s a pilot hole on one side which is perfect for holding the fire poker. Sometimes, these recycle/found object things really work out nicely. The legs are made from some kind of farm machinery for digging.


Firetable    Firetabledetail

For those who haven’t met Mojo, she usually answers to Mo (after the drummer in the Velvet Underground). I only call her Mojo when she’s in trouble (“Bad Mojo!) or as a term of endearment (“Good Mojo”). She comes when I whistle, she bites people who sing out of key (oddly, she has perfect pitch and the disposition of an evil music teacher), she inspects all the art before it goes out. She’s very safety conscious and has never caught fire in the welding shop.