Announcing Emoodicons— the new mood ring that tells the world how you feel!


Emoodicons are one of the most exciting ideas I’ve had in years and I just launched a new blog where you can get your own. Check out the animated short: Marcie’s Grand Adventure which shows how Emoodicons work or read the story of how got started. I’ve been working with some great people to make this a reality and I’m really excited about how it turned out.

What’s an Emoodicon, you ask? Well, you know when you’re online and you can just type a couple keys and tell the whole world how you feel? Happy? Angry? Shy? ROFL? In lurve? Don’t you wish real life was that easy? No big discussion. No beating around the bush. No batting your eyes or getting passive aggressive. Just, “This is ME, are you LISTENING?!

Emoodicon Rings make that happen.

They’re like a secret decoder ring for your mood. They’re smilies for the real world. They tell everyone just what’s on your mind. “If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you,” is a phrase you’ll never utter again. If your boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend or evil arch nemesis has eyes, they’ll know. (If they don’t have eyes, no ring will help you. Sorry.) Emoodicon jewelry comes with your choice of 25 mood icons: pick Kitteh or Bleep the Robot. We’ll be adding more designs soon so you can mix and match, swap and share, spice it up. Emoodicons are totally customizable. They’re cool, they’re fun, and they won’t break or turn your finger green. Isn’t that a nice change?