A Conversation About Blog Stores

A Conversation About Blog Stores

Those of you here who aren’t reading TypePad Hacks might want to nip over and check out the post I wrote earlier today about why we need blog stores. Personally, I feel like it’s almost the future of the global microbrand, or at least a damn good way to market (read: sell) art or anything else you might want to sell from your home. But then I’m biased.

Which is why I more or less transcribed a recent conversation with my friend Mary at the end of the post.

Mary really doesn’t use computers or the web much. She still gets news
from the radio, weather from TV, goods from catalogs or local
businesses and her social outlet from real live people or the phone.
When I talk about my online projects, her eyes usually kind of glaze
over and (I suspect) she starts thinking about compost or seeds. But
recently, when I mentioned the idea of blog stores her eyes lit up
instead. You see, she’s found her new vision and has just been looking
for a way to make it work.

I’d like to know what features you’d want most in a blog-based store as I go into the final stages of the design phase. Why don’t you leave me some suggestions or questions in the comments of the post at TypePad Hacks? And if you get to the end of the entry and are just dying to get your own TypePad store asap, please say so in the comments. The design team is reading the blog… and if they know you want it, TypePad Stores might just climb higher on the priority list for development.